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A interesting find within the Colonial Secretary's Correspondence sheds some light on Thomas Pattison himself. A letter was written by Thomas Pattison to Henry Parkes in 1873 petitioning that he be granted a pension in consideration of services in founding the school for the deaf in Sydney in 1860 [1/2223, letter no. 73/5661]. Accompanying this letter is a printed booklet dated 1861 that contains written testimonials attesting to the character and experience of Thomas Pattison. This interesting booklet contains references from various individuals attesting to the character of Thomas Pattison, not dissimilar to written or phone references that are needed today when applying for an employment position.

By 1905, Picasso became a favourite of American art collectors Leo and Gertrude Stein . Their older brother Michael Stein and his wife Sarah also became collectors of his work. Picasso painted portraits of both Gertrude Stein and her nephew Allan Stein . Gertrude Stein became Picasso's principal patron, acquiring his drawings and paintings and exhibiting them in her informal Salon at her home in Paris. [27] At one of her gatherings in 1905, he met Henri Matisse , who was to become a lifelong friend and rival. The Steins introduced him to Claribel Cone and her sister Etta who were American art collectors; they also began to acquire Picasso and Matisse's paintings. Eventually Leo Stein moved to Italy. Michael and Sarah Stein became patrons of Matisse, while Gertrude Stein continued to collect Picasso. [28]

Adultery research papers educators

adultery research papers educators


adultery research papers educatorsadultery research papers educatorsadultery research papers educatorsadultery research papers educators