Anne frank introduction essay

By 1942, many Jews were being rounded up by the Gestapo and taken to concentration camps, where they were systematically killed or died of illness, hunger and starvation. It was well known that a “call-up notice” from the Gestapo meant being shipped to a camp. Some of the better-connected Jewish families in Holland, like the Franks, made preparations to go into hiding by having possessions and supplies of food taken slowly into secret locations with the help of non-Jewish friends. The non-Jewish Dutch people who aided the Jews were also at risk of being arrested and shipped to prison camps. With the help of his two business partners as well as several members of his office staff, Otto Frank sent supplies to a secret annex on the top stories of his office building in Amsterdam. In June of 1942, the Franks went into hiding there. They were later joined by a family of three and one other man, making a total of eight residents in the annex.

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    I introduce two books Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl , and Anne Frank Beyond The Diary and share that we will be reading sections to learn more about her life. I tell them that the books are an autobiography and a biography of her life, but one that was written with her own words from a journal she kept with her during her adventures and the other from both her journal and interviews with people who lived through those times. I share an Introduction to The Diary of Anne Frank . I don't want to share too much because I want them to form their own conclusions as they read. I share that we will be focusing on (RI and ) explaining explaining Ann's relationship with "kitty" and with her real friends and how these influenced her thoughts and actions using details from the text.

    Anne frank introduction essay

    anne frank introduction essay


    anne frank introduction essayanne frank introduction essayanne frank introduction essayanne frank introduction essay