As photography coursework examples

Preserving this cultural material is of paramount importance, but it still presents complex challenges to our society. Conservation professionals are those who embrace these challenges with passion, commitment and dedication. By melding art with science, conservation professionals protect our heritage, preserve our legacy, and ultimately, save our treasures for generations to come.

Future generations should not be deprived of knowing and understanding their history, because priceless artifacts were allowed to fall into disrepair.

The Digital Photography Program seeks to satisfy the growing need for qualified digital photographers and the various industries that they serve. Building upon a strong foundation in a broad range of courses spanning digital design, marketing, communications and Web design courses, the multi-disciplinary digital integration reflects the needs of the professional digital photography industry. The curriculum includes digital capture, digital workflow, and digital image management. Students will develop a balance of technical and aesthetic skills that relate to digital photography, equipment and related software that is complemented by coursework in digital design, Web site design, interactive video/audio, and marketing/branding on the Web.

As photography coursework examples

as photography coursework examples


as photography coursework examplesas photography coursework examplesas photography coursework examplesas photography coursework examples