Blue essay book

Study Sheet (c. One-Week in Advance):
Contains some 30 IDs & 6 Essay Questions for study in advance: Students are assured that all Examination IDs and the Essay are on the Study Sheet.

The Examination Format (Bring a Blue-Book):
Part I: 4 of 7 IDs: 5 Minutes each = 20 minutes: 10 pts each = 40%
Part II: Essay (1 of 1): 30 Minutes = 60 pts = 60%

Gentle Reminder: If you have questions before the Exam: Ask. But please take responsibility for doing your part. Do it now.

After the Mid-Term Exam, be certain to attend the Post-Exam Review. Attendance is mandatory.

Blue books typically contain several sheets of wide-ruled notebook paper. Dimensions of the book itself is generally by 7 inches (22 by 18 centimeters), composed of two or three ruled leaves, bound in a sheet of paper and held together by staples. Although the color blue is most common, other colors may be used. The "Green Book" is an environmentally friendly green -colored book manufactured by Roaring Spring Paper Products that is the same size as its blue counterpart but is made with 100 percent recycled paper , 30 percent of it post-consumer waste . [3]

Blue essay book

blue essay book


blue essay bookblue essay bookblue essay bookblue essay book