Book of mormon research paper topics

Meanwhile, what of those thousands of remarkable and selfless Mormon missionaries who opted to pay their own expenses during the past seven years to serve in Africa while their peers were focused on careers or getting on with life?  They have returned home bringing with them a connection with the African people that will last a lifetime.  Many will keep up their Swahili language or their Igbo dialect. They will keep in their bedrooms the flags of the nations where they served. They will look up every time they hear Africa mentioned on the evening news. Their associations with the people whose lives they touched will become lifetime friendships. And in a hundred ways they will become unofficial ambassadors for the nations they served. 

Impressive evidence from three inscriptions on ancient altars from Yemen has been discussed by S. Kent Brown (see " On NAHOM/NHM "), who notes that inscriptions from ancient altars in Yemen soundly demonstrate the existence of the name "NHM" in a time and place consistent with Nephi's account of the place Nahom. See also my Book of Mormon Nugget #15, " More Support for the Place Nahom ", " The Arabian Bountiful Discovered? Evidence for Nephi's Bountiful " by Warren P. Aston, " Nahom and the 'Eastward' Turn " at the Maxwell Institute, and S. Kent Brown, " 'The Place That was Called Nahom': New Light from Ancient Yemen ," Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 8/1 (1999): 66-68, as well as Warren P. Aston, " Newly Found Altars from Nahom ," Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 10/2 (2001): 56-61). The previous link is to the PDF version of the article, which is a must-read. (The HTML version without the photos is here .) There is simply no question that "Nahom" in the Book of Mormon now has solid support--a direct hit in terms of Book of Mormon evidence. The critics have tried to dismiss this evidence, making some serious errors along the way. See " Book of Mormon Minimalists and the NHM Inscriptions: A Response to Dan Vogel " by Neal Rappleye and Stephen O. Smoot in the Mormon Interpreter. Also see my response, " Noham, That's Not History (Nor Geography, Cartography, or Logic): More on the Recent Attacks on NHM ."

Book of mormon research paper topics

book of mormon research paper topics


book of mormon research paper topicsbook of mormon research paper topicsbook of mormon research paper topicsbook of mormon research paper topics