Essay hobby swimming

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Well that definitely gives me some hope to hear that the guy turned around his problem that quickly.  It’s funny, I think a lot of people more or less self-medicate their social anxiety with booze.   I look around at my friends and family members (Irish-Catholic family from Boston) who drink a lot and wonder if they’re dealing with the same shit as I am, but don’t speak up either ……. As far as exercise goes, I more or less force myself to run…..and it helps to an extent.  But it’s no cure.  Maybe a few hours of lessened anxiety, but no permanent lasting changes.

Hunting and fishing are playful and at the same time adventurous. Gardening is the best of all outdoor activities. It suits al ages and all tastes. Nursing a plant with water, giving it manure, tending its leaves, watching the buds blossom as flowers of various hues, spreading their beautiful fragrance is a delight and treat for the mind, particularly so when it is a product of his own hobby. Watching birds, their flying formations, feeds the mind with various geometrical pictures of art. Star gazing teaches the philosophy that man is a small drop in the mighty ocean of universe.

Essay hobby swimming

essay hobby swimming


essay hobby swimmingessay hobby swimmingessay hobby swimmingessay hobby swimming