Essay on elderly drivers

There are many acts in the Bible which most people would considered immoral by contemporary standards if they were repeated today. These include religiously-motivated genocide, stoning non-virgin brides to death, burning some hookers alive, treating women as property, etc. If a person simply regards the Bible as a group of books written thousands of years ago and recording Jewish and Christian history, there is little likelihood that it will be declared hate literature. However, many Jews and Christians regard the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) to be the inerrant Word of God, written by authors that God has directly inspired , and containing injunctions which people should use to govern their behavior today. If people cite or quote passages from the Bible that promote discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality, etc., and if they advocate that this oppression should continue today, then some courts may define their effort as hate literature. If they do this in the workplace their actions may justify termination.

Nowadays city roads are occupied by cars and for this reason traffic congestion is very common matter in city life. Sometimes we have to wait hours and hours on the roads due to its plenty uses. Cars are also harmful for the environment because it produce the polluted air. Parking is one of the major problem in city for using cars, it takes lot of spaces to park and it creates some problem when car owners take their car in shopping mall and supermarkets which has no parking facilities. It is not affordable for every people to buy car and not easy to maintain whose has no disposal income. However cars are able to cover great distances which bring more people into city centers and boost the local money.

Essay on elderly drivers

essay on elderly drivers


essay on elderly driversessay on elderly driversessay on elderly driversessay on elderly drivers