Essay on natural resources conservation

“Ius Naturale” is the law applicable to men in a state of nature. It precedes religions and kings both in time and in authority. “Ius Naturale” does not derive directly from the will of God. As Hugo Grotius pointed out in the early seventeenth century, even if there was no God, or if God was unreasonable or evil, natural law would still have moral force, and men would still spontaneously back it with physical force. God could not create men as they are, and at the same time make natural law other than what it is. A God that claimed to do that would be a mere tyrant, unworthy of worship.

De facto current not documentary Catholicism is at cross purposes though in this sense: it’s majority preaching in the current age is pro life and sunny and rarely talks of the catastrophic which is at first glance anti life and can’t happen without God’s permission. Christ calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee and the apostles were safe but 4000 Catholics in the Phillipines did not have that pro life intervention by Christ. Why? Part of the answer is that 150,000 people approximately die each day world wide, 365 days a year. Each day of the year, 150K humans are departing for the next life…not no life…the next life. Now the 4000 Phillipinos doesn’t seem as big a figure when put beside the daily toll of 150K that our news media nor our preaching ever report.
At the intimate level though, the suffering was incredible to each person who lost children like the woman on the news who lost her husband and six children and her home and all supportive income. Christ according to Aquinas suffered the greatest suffering ever internally but Christ did not suffer every conceivable suffering like disease or old age as Aquinas noted too…nor did Christ suffer as long a suffering as a person who has a disease for longer than the life span of Christ on earth…unless Christ’s subjectivity as a uniquely sensitive being caused Him to suffer in hours of Good Friday greater than a mere human suffers in decades.
I only know that Satan will be whispering to the survivors in the Phillipines that God was not watching over them the way the old Holy card showed the angel watching over children crossing a rickety bridge. They must remember that God freed both Peter and Paul miraculously from prison cells in Acts…But God did not free John the Baptist from his cell, one of His all time favorite sons who died by beheading for the 6th and 9th commandments. Later the freed Peter and Paul would not be rescued again miraculously anyway.

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Essay on natural resources conservation

essay on natural resources conservation


essay on natural resources conservationessay on natural resources conservationessay on natural resources conservationessay on natural resources conservation