Essay on nightmares

I don’t remember much about the drive. The kids slept. My husband kept me calm. Blood and other fluid trickled from my ear. At the hospital, well after midnight by then, my husband stayed in the car with the sleeping kids. The doctor who finally saw me irrigated my ear and poured in a solution to numb the pain and kill the bug, if it was still alive. My eardrum was so inflamed it was unclear, he told me, what was eardrum and what was bug. He sent me home because there was nothing more he could do before the swelling subsided, and he didn’t want to permanently damage my hearing.

Grey goo is a useful construct for considering low-probability, high-impact outcomes from emerging technologies. Thus, it is a useful tool in the ethics of technology . Daniel A. Vallero [16] applied it as a worst-case scenario thought experiment for technologists contemplating possible risks from advancing a technology. This requires that a decision tree or event tree include even extremely low probability events if such events may have an extremely negative and irreversible consequence, . application of the precautionary principle . Dianne Irving [17] admonishes that "any error in science will have a rippling effect....". Vallero adapted this reference to chaos theory to emerging technologies, wherein slight permutations of initial conditions can lead to unforeseen and profoundly negative downstream effects, for which the technologist and the new technology's proponents must be held accountable.

Essay on nightmares

essay on nightmares


essay on nightmaresessay on nightmaresessay on nightmaresessay on nightmares