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Todd Gilchrist from IGN called the film "Unrelenting and brilliant, Funny Games is a truly great film – an incisive, artistic triumph that doubles as a remarkably thrilling and unique cinematic experience." Conversely, Joshua Rothkopf from Time Out New York called the film "a sour project that defines anti-imaginative." [20] . Scott of the New York Times wrote: "At least with the remake Funny Games , Mr. Haneke shows a certain kinship with someone like Eli Roth , whose Hostel movies have brought nothing but scorn from responsible critics." [21] The Chicago Sun-Times review of 14 March 2008 gave the film a mere half-star out of a possible four.

Funny essay title generator

funny essay title generator


funny essay title generatorfunny essay title generatorfunny essay title generatorfunny essay title generator