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Hello Bill,
I just took a fast look at your blog and I concluded that you are definitely a shotgun. I am impressed with all the things you can do. I can tell that the constant redesigning and improving of your cnc you will soon be an arrow. Someone once said Perfection is not an accident.
I myself have made some prototypes of garden brick borders ( http:// ). As you may well know one project can inspire you to go on tangents. To make my bricks I first made a wooden mold, cast blanks in plaster of Paris then carve a master then a homemade vacuum forming gig then a plastic mold. Thru constant searching for an easier way to do this I started to research the cost of a CNC Router, no surprise the cost are astronomical. This led me to learn Auto desk Fusion 360, and slowly design one myself, all this to perfect my bricks.
please see the link below.
https:///fusion360/projects/53120/four-axis-cnc-and-table?searched= .
I am now at the point where you were after your design, my progress has slowed because of money and I am now learning the lesson that without the right connections and access to finance most Ideas are soon laid to rest… if you let the fire burn out. My fire is still going.
My request to you is can you write a critique of my cnc design and your best advice on how to finance project like these.

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It masters projects thesis

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