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Red Line Athletic Club Youth Hockey is looking for help to develop the next wave of boys and girls high school hockey players in Maryland, DC, Virginia.

Red Line Athletic Club runs a local and seasonal youth hockey program from November into March and is basically set up like a "house league". We serve some niche constituencies including multi-sport kids / seasonal players (we have a lot of soccer, baseball, lacrosse players), families with multiple kids playing sports, "late entry" players that start playing organized hockey "later" but want to get up to speed for high school and more.

We have a full roster and are searching for coaches before our "Opening Weekend" on the ice 11/3-4.


We are seeking experienced "co-coaches" for each of our teams to work with our volunteer coaches.


There is a $900 stipend.

IF INTERESTED – Shoot Bob DeGemmis at rlacmetros@ an email for ice schedule and other details.

Posted on 10/20/2017

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Ice professional review essay topics

ice professional review essay topics


ice professional review essay topicsice professional review essay topicsice professional review essay topicsice professional review essay topics