Phantasmagoria book essay

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It is a delightful characteristic of these times, that new and cheap means are continuously being devised, for conveying the results of actual experience to those who are unable to obtain such experiences for themselves; and to bring them within the reach of the people — emphatically of the people; for it is they at large who are addressed in these endeavours, and not exclusive audiences... Some of the best results of actual travel are suggested by such means to those whose lot it is to stay at home. New worlds open out to them, beyond their little worlds, and widen their range of reflection, information, sympathy and interest. The more man knows of man, the better for the common brotherhood among us all.

Phantasmagoria book essay

phantasmagoria book essay


phantasmagoria book essayphantasmagoria book essayphantasmagoria book essayphantasmagoria book essay