Press release writing service

Previously published stories
Blatant self-promotion
Promotional jargon
Meaningless rambling
Calling to get permission to submit or to follow-up on a submission
Flashy presentations – no colors, HTML, wild or bright stationary or clever use of software
Documents on subjects they don’t deal with or without warning
Mention of a product or person in the subject line
Locked PDF documents
Use of the “important” flag in email submissions
Request for acknowledgment of receipt of email (return receipt)
Contradictory information within the same piece
Offers of gifts or “incentives” – this is seriously frowned upon

Maggie Aland is a staff writer for Fit Small Business and editor of the Marketing and Reviews sections. She writes on a variety of marketing topics, ranging from newspaper ads to how to market your business on Facebook. Before joining Fit Small Business, Maggie worked as a marketing associate at a niche publishing company. There she was responsible for determining the marketing plan and keeping up with the budget of 10+ B2B products. Her experience includes email, direct mail, social media, events, and more. When not editing or writing, you can find Maggie looking for the best brunch spots in NYC.

Press release writing service

Press Release Writing Service


Press Release Writing ServicePress Release Writing ServicePress Release Writing ServicePress Release Writing Service