Radical essays

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Yet merely possessing the propensity to self-conceit does not by itself make an agent evil, since a moral agent already possesses both the incentive of the moral law and that of self-conceit within that agent’s hierarchy of maxims. An agent’s moral character as a whole is determined ultimately by which maxim is going to be the dominant maxim for the choice of maxims. Yet, because both cannot fulfill this role, they compete with each other with the result that one is inevitably “subordinated to the other” ( Religion 6:36).  An evil character results when the moral agent makes the satisfaction of the moral law as the basis for maxim choice ( Willkür ) conditional to the incentives of self love (understood as self-conceit) and their inclinations ( Religion 6:36). And so, what makes for an evil character is deviating from the moral law as the basis for maxim choice and adopting self-conceit in its place ( Religion 6:29).

Engaging in meaningful political dissent, challenging the officially sanctioned narratives of history as well as current events, and publishing information and perspectives that run contrary to the wishes and dictates of the powers that be is a risky business in America, despite the First Amendment and longstanding tradition of freedom of thought and intellectual inquiry. Readers would be wise to support the efforts of independent media outlets, especially American Free Press —America’s last real newspaper—while limiting their support and business dealings with the top Internet monopolies, which have proven over and over again their willingness to become the enforcers of political correctness at the behest of the radical left.

Radical essays

radical essays


radical essaysradical essaysradical essaysradical essays