Teacher comments for writing essays

Teacher poems can be for students of different ages. Just as I designed "Sonnet For An Unforgettable Teacher" for advanced high school or college level students as a poem for a teacher, I also wrote poems from child to teacher. I tried to write this kid poem for teacher for the youngest students—a kindergarten teacher poem, for example. Keeping the vocabulary simple while saying something heartfelt (plus making it rhyme) wasn't easy. Here's the result: a poem for the preschool teacher. For little kids, it has to be a rhyming poem, of course.

Very cool! I stumbled across this approach a few days ago, but I live in California and do not have access to her training. I work as an SLP primarily with kiddos with Autism (K-6). Some of my older kiddos still need lots of support in the pre-communication areas, and I think this approach would be very beneficial. Would you mind outlining what a session might look like implementing all four stages? Are they done across several sessions or are all four parts used in each session. If so, what might one of your sessions look like (materials and activities used) and what goals are you targeting. Thanks so much!

Teacher comments for writing essays

teacher comments for writing essays


teacher comments for writing essaysteacher comments for writing essaysteacher comments for writing essaysteacher comments for writing essays