Technology effects on education essay

Most modern technological processes produce unwanted by products in addition to the desired products, which is known as industrial waste and pollution. While most material waste is re-used in the industrial process, many forms are released into the environment, with negative environmental side effects, such as pollution and lack of sustainability. Different social and political systems establish different balances between the value they place on additional goods versus the disvalues of waste products and pollution. Some technologies are designed specifically with the environment in mind, but most are designed first for economic or ergonomic effects. Historically, the value of a clean environment and more efficient productive processes has been the result of an increase in the wealth of society, because once people are able to provide for their basic needs, they are able to focus on less-tangible goods such as clean air and water.

I believe there is a development link that is missed (at some point) when kids spend hours in front of a screen or texting. “Let’s pretend” is a game that requires imagination and if kids miss interacting with other kids pretending to be pirates searching for treasure or building a fort with cardboard boxes they will never know that they can make a difference. Working with other kids building a fort they learn social skills without realizing it. They learn to work together for a common goal. No computer screen can teach or help kids to make that connection.

Technology effects on education essay

technology effects on education essay


technology effects on education essaytechnology effects on education essaytechnology effects on education essaytechnology effects on education essay