Thesis hook wp_head

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Any of this code we use is placed in custom_ in our Thesis custom folder. In the end this is what we’ve accomplished:

You can apply this concept to virtually any idea you have. You can add anything almost anywhere to your blog design. That really is the freedom that Thesis grants you.
Also, keep in mind, you can add your own functions without removing the default Thesis functions. Rather than removing the default Thesis attribution, we could have just added another paragraph below it. All we would have done differently is leave out the remove_action code.
On the same token, you can remove anything you like, and you don’t have to replace it. The choice is yours. For a list of removable Thesis objects, click here. That is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should get you started nicely.
I understand this is somewhat complicated stuff, and I’m more than willing to answer questions and/or clarify in the comments!

Thesis hook wp_head

thesis hook wp_head