Thirty year war thesis

“Nordberg brings to light a world that no Afghan speaks of, but everyone knows: the world of girls raised as boys, usually until puberty. In a society where being a girl means living as chattel, and where families without boys are shamed, the bacha posh tradition arose, as it has in other highly patriarchal societies. Going deeper, Nordberg discovers that the bacha posh, once adults, become a subversive force: having tasted freedom and opportunity, these women can never go back. They stand up–for themselves, their daughters, and their country. The former bacha posh may yet change Afghanistan for the better . . Nordberg’s book is a pioneering effort to understand this hidden world.” Sari Kouvo
Co-director of Afghanistan Analyst Network “The investigation into bacha posh gives a new and unique perspective on the women’s situation, gender and resistance in Afghanistan. The author tells the story with empathy and respect for the women who have let her into their lives. This book will interest both those who want to learn about Afghanistan and those wanting to understand how gender works, and it is a must-read for both Afghanistan and gender specialists.”

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Thirty year war thesis

thirty year war thesis


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