Twelve and thesis games

The Epsilon Program plays a much more prominent role in Grand Theft Auto V . The program's headquarters appear on Spanish Avenue in  Rockford Hills ,  Los Santos , near the  home  of  protagonist   Michael De Santa . Early on in the game, the player can hear a  Weazel News  broadcast stating that the Epsilon Program was denied religion status by the United States government and so can now be taxed. Weazel News also states that Cris Formage was seen crying on the steps of the court house. This may be the reason why the cult asks for large sums of money from Michael when their missions begin.  

The voyage to America lasted eight, ten, or twelve weeks, and the servants were packed into ships with the same fanatic concern for profits that marked the slave ships. If the weather was bad, and the trip took too long, they ran out of food. The sloop Sea-Flower , leaving Belfast in 1741, was at sea sixteen weeks, and when it arrived in Boston, forty-six of its 106 passengers were dead of starvation, six of them eaten by the survivors. On another trip, thirty-two children died of hunger and disease and were thrown into the ocean. Gottlieb Mittelberger, a musician, traveling from Germany to America around 1750, wrote about his voyage:

Twelve and thesis games

twelve and thesis games


twelve and thesis gamestwelve and thesis gamestwelve and thesis gamestwelve and thesis games