Undergraduate coursework law school

Information Technology
The Information Technology program focuses on programming, databases, networking, human-computer interaction, web systems, and cybersecurity to meet the technology requirements of business, government, healthcare, education, and other organizations. Students in this program acquire a combination of fundamental knowledge and practical expertise to solve computing technology problems and meet user needs. All Information Technology courses are online. Program flowcharts are available for the following catalog years: 2014/2015 ,  2015/2016 ,  2016/2017 , and 2017/2018 .

Continuous Enrollment
Students who have completed all formal course work on their degree plan must be registered each fall and spring semester until they graduate. Usually, a student will register for 1 credit hour of ANTH 691 Research each semester while finishing the thesis. Students who fail to register for a semester will be blocked from registration until they have undergone a favorable recommendation from a departmental review committee, the endorsement of the department head, and the approval of the Office of Graduate Studies.

Undergraduate coursework law school

undergraduate coursework law school


undergraduate coursework law schoolundergraduate coursework law schoolundergraduate coursework law schoolundergraduate coursework law school