Was the iraq war a just war essay

Because of the lop-sided victory of the coalition, the . dealt more with prisoners than did Iraq. Despite the fact that coalition forces had more opportunity to abuse prisoners, only Iraq found it necessary to violate prisoners' rights. Legally, according to the Geneva Convention, a prisoner of war has rights and is to be treated as a non-combatant. This treatment does not advocate torturing prisoners. The coalition did not do it, not because the average Iraqi soldier held little military information, but because it is morally wrong. Yet the treatment of coalition POWs in the hands of the Iraqi interrogators was violent and painful. Conversely, the thousands of Iraqis who surrendered were fed, clothed, detained humanely, and protected from the hostilities. Coalition prisoners were used as human shields by detaining them at potential bombing sites. Saddam Hussein tried to justify this policy, which is forbidden by the Geneva Convention, by claiming that Western countries had jailed Iraqi students as a security measure (Associated Press 1991). Even if that claim was true, those students were not in danger of being bombed. Contrary to Iraqi beliefs, a violation of the Geneva Convention does not justify a similar violation. Two wrongs do not make a right. If it did, coalition forces had justification enough to commit heinous crimes against Iraqi prisoners. The fact is, American forces did not.

The war failed fully to meet any of the just war criteria. This gives grounds for concern. The charge against the Iraq War is not, however, that it fell somewhat short of a number of conditions. But rather that such individual failures, when taken together, mutually reinforced each other, so building up cumulatively to support the conclusion that the war was undertaken without sufficient just cause and without adequate planning to ensure a just outcome. It thus failed the two key tests that have to be met before a war can be justly undertaken, designed to ensure that military action is only initiated if more good than harm is likely to result.

The US misled the Hussein regime by responding to the war in mild tones that did not at any point even remotely indicate any inclination towards military intervention. However, the US gave Iraq an unpleasant surprise by suddenly invading Iraq along with a coalition with the express consent of the UN. The UN Security Council Resolution 661 that demanded immediate Iraqi evacuation from Kuwait and imposition of sanctions for non-compliance was thus the result. The invasion, famously termed as Operation Desert Storm, was characterized by merciless attacks of the US on retreating Iraqi soldiers [10] and immense destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure.

Was the iraq war a just war essay

was the iraq war a just war essay


was the iraq war a just war essaywas the iraq war a just war essaywas the iraq war a just war essaywas the iraq war a just war essay